Egor Kolesnikov

Software developer

Download CV in MS Word format: Egor Kolesnikov - Resume.


Skilled and experienced Software Engineer with extensive background in Java technologies, J2EE applications and web-based applications. Strong background in developing high-load systems. Proficient in wide range of development tools and languages. Familiar with designing and enhancing proprietary ecommerce software. Able to plan and lead full project life cycles. Excellent presentation and communication skills.


  • Java/J2EE (including Jee5) - 6 years; 
    • Hibernate – 6 years;
    • JPA – 3 years;
    • Servlets – 4 years;
    • EJB – 4 years;
  • Application Frameworks – 5 years;
    • Spring framework – 4 years;
    • JBoss SEAM - 2 years;
    • jBPM+Drools – 1 year;
    • Application and Web Servers – 6 years;
    • Tomcat – 4 years;
    • Resin – 3 years;
    • JBoss AS – 5 years;
    • WebSphere – 1 year;
    • Weblogic – 1 year;
  • Database Design and Development – 6 years;
    • Oracle, PL/SQL – 3 years;
    • Mysql, Firebird – 4 years;
    • SQL, ORM, RDBMS – 6 years;
    • Core Java – 3 years;
    •  Swing API – 2 years;
  •  Web technologies and Frameworks – 5 years;
    • JSF/Facelets – 3 years;
    • JSP - 4 years;
    • RichFaces/Ajax4JSF – 2 years;
    •  Struts and Spring MVC – 2 years;
    •  ExtJS, Prototype, JQuery – 3 years;
    •  HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript – 5 years;
  • Agile – 6 years;
    • JIRA, Bugzilla, Scarab, TRAC – 6 years;
    • Maven, Ant – 5 years;
    • JUnit, TestNG, EasyMock – 4 years;
    • CruiseControl, TeamCity – 3 years;


NSW Treasury, Office of State Revenue

Sydney (Jun 2011 - current)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

The current system used by OSR was built on Oracle forms and has been in use for the last 14 years. The system, namely RECOUPS, is now migrated into a web-based application called MARS. MARS is the program replacing the RECOUPS system with new and improved screens and navigation. There are 1,114 Oracle forms among which are now being converted into a J2EE web application. Some of the modules that have been completed till end of February 2011 are Client Registration, Client and Property Search, Land tax, Exemptions, Land Holdings, Assessment, Subdivision, Certificates, Workflows, Security etc. This is a long-term project and is expected to be finished by the end of 2014.
Tools and technologies used
JBoss5, Seam 2.2, EJB3, JSF, Facelets, RichFaces, Ajax4JSF, Hibernate, Oracle, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, PL/SQL, Eclipse, Maven, SVN.

Macquarie Bank, Risk Management Group

Sydney (Nov 2010 – Jun 2011)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Credit Workstation, credit risk analysis tool.
  • Solved Spring configuration issues related to legacy code interference;
  • Provided legacy code integration;
  • Participated in application architecture design;
  • Integrated jBPM workflow engine;
  • Migrated application to WebSphere 7;
Tools and technologies used
WebSphere, J2EE/Jee5, Struts, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA2, jBPM, ExtJS, Ant, JUnit, Jira, Hudson, Eclipse.

Macquarie Group, Business & Financial Services, Macquarie Advisor Services

Sydney (May 2010 - Oct 2010)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Mortgage Comparator (May 2010 – Oct 2010), lending research tool.
  • Integrated SEAM Framework with RESTEasy-client;
  • Participated in application architecture design;
  • Implemented transactional/clustered caching using JBoss Cache;
  • Optimised application performance at JSF, Facelets and RichFaces levels (8sec -> 2sec per AJAX call);
Tools and technologies used
Weblogic, J2EE/Jee5, JBoss SEAM, JBoss Cache, RESTEasy, Web Services, JSF, Facelets, RichFaces/A4j, jQuery, Maven, JUnit, Jira, Bamboo, Crucible, Eclipse.

Macquarie Group, Business & Financial Services

Sydney (March 2010 - May 2010)
Java/J2EE Developer

Macquarie Private Wealth, stock market analysis tool.
  • Provided Vignette CMS integration;
  • Optimised user accounts migration routine;
Tools and technologies used
JBoss AS, J2EE/Jee5, EJB3, JPA/Hibernate, JBoss SEAM, JBoss Cache, Spring Framework, JSF, Facelets, RichFaces/A4j, Oracle, Siebel, Maven, JUnit, Jira, Bamboo, Crucible, Eclipse. LLC

Novosibirsk (Jan 2008 – Feb 2010)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

BrandMaker (Jul 2009 – Sep 2009), marketing resource management software;
Filiality / Advert Networks (May 2009 – Jul 2009), online ads booking system;
Website Crawler (Jan 2009 – May 2009), HTML download and analysis tool;
EVA.RU (July 2008 – May 2009), entertainment portal;
VMA (Jan 2008 – Dec 2009), virtual media agency.
  •  Handled full project lifecycle, including system architecture, database design, software development, profiling and testing;
  • Deployed clustered transactional cache based on JBoss Cache framework for both JPA/Hibernate (as 2nd level and query cache) and pre-rendered JSF pages, configured cache invalidation and distribution strategies;
  • Implemented GoogleMaps-style 1000% zoom support for PDF documents using PDF2SVG, Apache Batik and ExtJS;
  • Significantly improved application performance using JProfiler tool;
  • Refactored project to support clustered environment, changed application-scoped variables and synchronised sections to database locks;
  • Implemented advanced cluster-safe event scheduling and processing module which is now widely used in our company;
  • Found and filed several JBoss SEAM bugs, implemented SEAM programmatic login module for JBoss JSF PortletBridge (which is now included in JBoss SVN);
  • Participated in teamwork on optimization of MySQL database schema to avoid deadlocks;
  • Provided bugfixing, functionality enhancements and documentation where needed.
Tools and technologies used
JBoss AS, J2EE/Jee5, EJB2.1, EJB3, JPA/Hibernate RESTeasy, JBoss SEAM, JBoss Cache, Spring Framework, JSP, JSF, Struts, Facelets, RichFaces/A4j, ExtJS, DWT, JSON, Mysql, Firebird, Oracle, JFreeChart, Batik, iText, Ant, Maven, TestNG, JUnit, Heritrix Crawler, JProfiler, JMeter, TeamCity, Jira, Eclipse.


Novosibirsk (Mar 2006 – Dec 2008)
Senior Java/J2EE Developer

Golf platform (Mar 2006 – Dec 2008), online Tee Time Booking;
Booking applications (Aug 2007 – Sep 2007), hotel/lesson/etc booking;
SaaS CMS (Jan 2008 – Dec 2008), hosted CMS solution;
SBCC/DIPS (May 2007 – Jul 2007), Scottish Business Crime Centre database;
  • Ported Struts web applications to EJB/JPA;
  • Implemented Jellyscript-based state machine to support pageflows;
  • Participated in teamwork of implementing continuous integration and improving company business processes;
  • Developed custom modules for in-house CMS;
  • Implemented customisable template-based Excel file reporting system using POI and Velocity;
  • Optimised Oracle database schema to improve performance;
Tools and technologies used
JBoss AS, Caucho Resin, Tomcat, EJB3.0, J2EE/Jee5, Caucho Hessian/Burlap, Spring framework, XML, JPA/Hibernate, Struts, Turbine, Velocity, JSP, JSF, IceFaces, Jakarta-Commons, FOP, POI, Jasper Reports, Jelly, JUnit, Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, Jira, Bugzila,Intellij IDEA.

Sibius, Inc

Novosibirsk (May 2005 – Mar 2006)
Java Developer

SMAP console (Nov 2005 – Mar 2006), Mobile content provider management console;
SVG Generation Tool (Jan 2006 – Feb 2006), compiling and rendering SVG images;
Audio Thumbnailing (Jul 2005 – Feb 2006), tool to automatically extract audio thumbnails (usually song chorus);
Radiofon-Audio (May 2005 – Jul 2005), distortion-proof tool to recognise the played song.
  • Implemented and tested Audio Fingerprinting algorithm on Java;
  • Developed VisualFingerprint tool to test and profile fingerprinting software;
  • Desiged Audio Thumbnailing algorithm using beat detection and chroma-based algorithms;
  • Implemented USSD advertisements management panel;
  • Created high-performance multiple SVG image rendering tool using Apache Batik;
Tools and technologies used
J2SE, Caucho Resin, Swing API, jGoodies, JIDE, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, JSP, XML, Caucho Hessian, iBatis SQL Maps, Batik, JDOM, Digester, Sphinx-4, JMF, JavaSound, JUnit, Ant.


Novosibirsk (Oct 2004 – May 2005)
Java Developer

RBC-Searcher (Feb 2005 – May 2005) – Lucene-based tool for network resources indexing and searching;
GKS-Info (Jan 2005 – Feb 2005) – information system for Federal Statistics Department (GosKomStat);
RBCS (Oct 2004 – Jan 2005) – Hosting and Billing management system;
  • Ported EJB 2.1 entity beans based application to Hibernate;
  • Implemented reporting subsystem;
  • Developed network resource crawling, indexing and searching system;
  • Introduced XDoclet technology to annotate EJB beans and Hibernate classes
Tools and technologies:
J2EE, JBoss AS, EJB2.1, Hibernate, Lucene, XDoclet, Websphinx crawler, JasperReports, Oracle.

Olmisoft, LLC

Novosibirsk (Jan 2004 – Oct 2004)
Junior Java Developer

Fantasy Sports (Jan 2004 – Oct 2004)
The goal of this project was to implement highly-customizable, template-based, easy manageable fantasy sports system suitable for almost any sport from baseball to NASCAR Racing. The system imports data in real time using XML news feed from AP Sports (Associated Sports) or XML Team (, processes it and displays preliminary results after each game event.
  • Implementation of the game engine;
  • AP Sports integration;
  • payment system integration;
Tools and technologies:
J2SE, Apache Tomcat, XML, Hibernate, XDoclet, JDom, Velocity, Firebird.


1998-2003: Novosibirsk State Technical University (
Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering
Majoring in Automated Control Systems
Diploma of Engineer: equivalent to Masters Degree.
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